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2016 MINIVAP VP Vision: New concept vapor pressure tester, offering ease of use for operators

and worldwide connectivity as well as utmost flexibility for lab managers.

2015 ASTM D7344 distillation testing accepted for ASTM D6751 B100 Biofuels specifications
2014 ASTM D7094 flashpoint testing accepted for ASTM D7467 Biodiesel blend specifications
2013 MINIVAP VPXpert-L: Low volatility vapor pressure tester launched
ASTM D6377 vapor pressure testing accepted by US EPA for testing crude oils
ASTM D7094 flashpoint testing accepted for ASTM diesel, gas oil and kerosene specifications
ASTM D975, D396, D2880 and D3699


  MINISCAN IRXpert: First portable FTIR fuel analyzer for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and blends
which uses full spectrum information to achieve excellent measurement results.
GRABNER INSTRUMENTS celebrates 25th anniversary.
2011 MINIFLASH TOUCH: Advanced, intuitive and ergonomic flash point tester with touchscreen
2010 MINIDIS ADXpert: New design portable mini-distillation analyzer
2009 MINIVAP VPXpert: Versatile 3rd generation "all-in-one" vapor pressure tester
ASTM D6378 vapor pressure testing accepted for ASTM gasoline specifications
2008 MINIVIS 445 is launched, a viscometer for kinematic and dynamic viscosity
2007 MINIDIS is ASTM-standardized: ASTM D 7344.
2003 AMETEK acquires Chandler Instruments.
GRABNER INSTRUMENTS is awarded by the ASTM with the "Award Of Excellence" for the
outstanding contributions to the development of the new flashpoint test method ASTM 7094.
2002 MINIDIS - Automatic truly portable Mini-Distillation
2000 IROX DIESEL - Diesel Analysis with FTIR Technology
The founder of GRABNER INSTRUMENTS,  Dipl. Ing. Dr. Werner Grabner, passes away.
1999 MINIVIS - Falling Ball Micro Viscometer
MINITEST FFK - Flow-Properties of Lubrication Grease
MINIFLASH is ASTM-standardized: ASTM D 6450
Dr. Grabner is awarded by the ASTM: "Award Of Excellence" for the outstanding contributions
to the development of two new vapor pressure test methods: ASTM D 6377 and D 6378.
Dr. Grabner is awarded the "Award Of Excellence"  for the outstanding contributions
to the development of the of the new flashpoint test method ASTM D 6450.
1998 IROX 2000: Prediction of Octane, Vapor Pressure and Distillation Properties
IROX 2000: ASTM standardized (ASTM D5845 and D6277)
MiniVAP VPS, VPSH and ON-LINE: ASTM standardized (ASTM D6377 and D6378)
1995 MINIVAP ON-LINE (On-Line Vapor Pressure Tester)
MINIVAP LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Vapor Pressure Tester)
1994 IROX (FTIR gasoline analyser)
GRABNER INSTRUMENTS is awarded with the »Austrian National Award for Innovation 1994«
for IROX.
1993 The US-Environmental Protection Agency declares MiniVap-VPS as the
Official Reference Instrument for monitoring vapor pressure of gasoline.
GRABNER INSTRUMENTS is certified according to ISO9001 by Bureau Veritas Quality International.
1992 MINIFLASH: Flash point tester series
1991 The MINIVAP is ASTM standardized (ASTM D 5191)
1989 MINIVAP: Vapor pressure tester series
1987 It all starts with Dr. Grabner is founding GRABNER INSTRUMENTS

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