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Transportation & Storage by Ships, Railway, Trucks, Pipelines, Tanks

GRABNER INSTRUMENTS analyzers can be used for quality control on fuels and lubricants to prevent damage done to ships, railroad engines, trucks and to ensure safety for transportation and storage mediums, like pipelines and tanks.

  • Conformance of motor fuels and motor oils in the QC laboratory
  • Check on fuel adulteration, contamination or fuel dilution
  • Clarify fuel related warranty issues
  • Analyse paints and coatings for the transportation fleet
  • TVP and Bubble Point Determination as well as flashpoint detection for safe transportation and storage of fuels

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCH
 Flash Point Testers
 Portable Fuel Dilution Measurement for Ships and Naval Vessels, to check on fuel
 contamination in oil. Flashpoint Determination of lubricating oils and used oils for Quality
 control for ships, locomotives and trucks. Flash Point analysis of paints and coatings for railway
 and ships. Flashpoint Determination for storage and transportation.

Product | Small | MINISCAN IRXpert
 DIESEL and/or GASOLINE analyzer
 Portable and comprehensive quality analysis for contamination and adulteration detection in
 Diesel and Gasoline. Analyser is used to monitor product quality throughout the Distribution
 system. Results can be transferred easily via internet to the next sample point.

Product | Small | MINIVAP VP Vision
Vapor Pressure Tester
RVP, DVPE, TVP of Gasoline, LPG, LNG and CRUDE OIL according to international standards to guarantee supplier and delivery product quality and to allow proper and safe blending. Vapor Pressure measurement to preventing outgassing. TVP and Bubble Point determination to prevent overturn of floating roofs of tanks and as a measure to prevent pumping cavitation in pipelines. Vapor Pressure at a V/L ratio of 0.02/1 for simulation of tanker conditions.

 Product | Small | MINIDIS ADXpert
Automatic Distillation Analyzer
Distillation Properties of Diesel for product quality control.

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