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July 2017 - Fuel Analysis
Top Performer in Portable Fuel Analysis

Product | Small | MINISCAN IR Vision

AMETEK Grabner Instruments Releases a new high-speed, compact, FTIR fuel analyzer for automatic and comprehensive measurement of gasoline, and jet and diesel fuels. Built on Grabner´s new Vision instrument platform, the MINISCAN IR Vision increases analysis speed by a factor of ten when compared to previous models.

The MINISCAN IR Vision builds on Grabner’s more than 20 years of innovation and experience in FTIR fuel analysis. The analyzer, which is configured to measure more than 100 different fuel components, gasoline, and jet and diesel fuel parameters, was developed specifically for fuel blending, quality inspection, specification compliance at the point of sale. The analyzer is pre-loaded at the factory with a database of several thousand fuels collected worldwide and measured in accordance with ASTM and EN fuel specifications.

The new fuel analyzer offers cutting-edge performance and enhanced measurement speed. Ist high-performance processor allows users to calculate measurement results within seconds using Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis and full spectrum information. Fuel properties calculated from the factory database can be retrained and optimized.

The instrument’s rugged, ten-inch, full-color industrial touchscreen guarantees the highest visibility as well as ease of use, even under difficult operating conditions. It offers user friendly menu navigation on its large-button touchscreen display that helps ensure immediate instrument response. Worldwide remote support and service are available via a secure VPN tunnel.

The MINISCAN IR Vision is unmatched in its class of portable fuel analyzers in terms of quality. The thermoelectric temperature regulation of the instrument´s filling system, measuring cells and integrated density meter allows for highest accuracy in measuring the volume of fuel compounds. A high-quality Germanium-coated, Potassium Bromide (KBr) beam splitter offers better optical transmission than analyzers using Zinc-Selenide (ZnSe) -based beam splitters and improved benzene detection. With an optical resolution of 3.8 cm-1, the analyzer resolution is superior to other comparable FTIR analyzers.

The core feature of the new instrument is its mechanical robustness, making the instrument ideal for the challenges encountered during field or mobile testing. The MINISCAN IR Vision incorporates Grabner´s proven and robust piston-based and bubble-free filling system. The instrument is protected by a new shock- and vibration-tested Vision platform housing. Its double interferometer is mounted with a self-aligning mirror system that allows for automatic correction of intensity shifts after a rough drive over a bumpy road.

Download the press release here: News | 2017 | MINISCAN IR VISION Press Release
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More Information: Product Page MINISCAN IR Vision Fuel Analyzer

July 2017 - Lubricants, Oils and Greases
MINISCAN IR LOG Offers the Logical Solution
for Condition Monitoring of Lube, Oil and Greases

Product | Small | MINISCAN IR LOG

AMETEK Grabner Instruments has added a new lube oil and grease analyzer to its portfolio. The MINISCAN IR LOG is a highly versatile and extremely fast FTIR analyzer, designed for on-site condition monitoring of oils and greases, and capable of measuring low or high levels of water in oil accurately and quickly, without using hazardous reagents for sample preparation.

Lubricating oils and greases play a key role in the performance of today´s high-value machinery and motors. By reducing friction and wear between moving parts, they guarantee long-term economic and profitable operation of machinery used in industrial, petrochemical, and power generation plants, and by the mining and other industries. Lubrication oils and greases help preserve and protect vehicle and marine engines, both commercial and military.

If the condition of the oil and grease is not monitored continuously, additional costs are inevitable. The failure to predict oil degradation can lead to motor-repair expenditures that easily sum up to several hundred thousand dollars per year. An equal amount of costs can accumulate if oils and greases are changed too early.

The quality and the costs of todays´ oils also are increasing, and the premature exchange of expensive oils for naval vessel, automotive fleets, wind farms and other large oil and lube consumers can have a severe effect on business profitability. Those users need to consider the purchase of a condition-monitoring instrument that allows them to check lube oil and grease quality directly on-site and that facilitates a timely and accurate response to oil degradation, which can add up to a significant hard-dollar-saving investment.

The compact, robust MINISCAN IR LOG FTIR analyzer from AMETEK Grabner Instruments is uniquely designed to match the requirements of the lube oil and grease industry. Only one drop of a sample is required to accurately measure numerous oil and grease performance indicators. Depletion of anti-wear oxidation compounds and additives, as well as sulfate, nitration, soot and water levels, can be measured, and pass/fail information is displayed within minutes. Preconfigured methods can be easily selected for measuring different types of lubricating oils, and the measurements can be done by untrained personnel.

Because the sample is directly applied to the measuring cell, rather than flowing through the cell, the instrument´s performance is not limited by a sample´s viscosity or by particle contamination that can harm the measuring cell. Cell rinsing is not required. The cell can be cleaned with a simple tissue, and no chemicals are needed to perform reference measurements.

The instrument features a unique dial-path setup, which allows easy switching between sample cells. Three different path lengths are pre-installed: A 50-micron sample cell for quick screening, a 100-micron cell for ASTM and EN compliant measurements, and a 1000-micron cell that allows the detection of very-low levels of additives or contaminants in oil. This setup guarantees that the instrument conforms to and exceeds precision requirements specified in various ASTM, EN or IP methods.
The MINISCAN IR LOG adds further value by being able to determine low or high levels of water in oil, offering a perfect alternative to Karl Fischer (KF) titration. The FTIR analyzer reduces measurement time to minutes. No hazardous chemicals are required for testing, and the results are as analytically accurate or better than KF titration. Measurements are very easy to carry out and do not require special training.

Versatility, ease of use and the possibility to measure oil and grease directly on-site and in real time make the MINISCAN IR LOG a perfect solution for monitoring lubrication of engines, generators or turbines, as well as determining the degradation of hydraulic and transformer oils.

Download the press release here: News | 2017 | MINISCAN IR LOG Press Release
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More Information: Product Page MINISCAN IR LOG

July 2016
Grabner´s Mobile Trailer Stops at 

Austrian Oil & Gas Company OMV

On June 16 Grabner Instruments´ Mobile Trailer, fully equipped with portable lab and process equipment, stopped in front of the refinery lab of Austrian Oil & Gas Company OMV. More than 30 technical experts from OMV and affiliated companies were able to join the demonstration on Grabner analyzers including the latest development, the vapor pressure tester MINIVAP VP Vision. Click on the photos below to enlarge.


News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 1 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 2 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 3 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 4 

News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 5 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 7 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 8 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Arrival 9 

Setup of Analyzers

News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Analyzers 1 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Analyzers 2  News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Analyzers 3


News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 1 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 2 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 4 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 5 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 8

News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 9 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 14 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 18 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 15 News | Mobile Lab | Small | OMV Demo 25

Download the press release here: Mobile Trailer Press Release

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March 2016
Grabner Instruments Introduces Trend-Setting

New Instrument for Vapor Pressure Testing

Product | Small | MINIVAP VP Vision

AMETEK Grabner Instruments, a worldwide leader in  automatic petroleum testers, announces the launch of a new, highly versatile and portable vapor pressure tester-- the MINIVAP VP Vision. The new analyzer features significant improvements in terms of measurement range that allows one instrument to measure gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil, LPG and solvents (without needing to attach a pressure regulator).

The analyzer is certified to work in cold as well as hot and damp climates and has a demonstrated ability to withstand vibrations and heavy shocks coming from any direction. It is the ideal tester for mobile laboratories, military applications and harsh, demanding environments.

The MINIVAP VP Vision is the first vapor pressure tester to demonstrate excellence in engineering and quality. It offers an extended pressure range of 0 to 2000 kPa without compromising precision. Long-term testing has demonstrated an unmatched repeatability of less than 0.2 kPa. Grabner’s newly developed 2D- Correction™ (273 points) and exact piston positioning guarantee that accurate and precise results are received over the full measuring range. In addition, the MINIVAP VP Vision features Grabner´s Sampling Pro™ valve design, which provded during ruggedness testing to be the best-in-class, piston-based design for minimizing cross contamination between various sample types.

The MINIVAP VP Vision uniquely combines ease of use with flexibility. A modern, app-like user interface makes it easy to select, start and follow measurements directly on an industry-proven 10” touch screen. In addition, Grabner’s Cockpit™ PC software offers lab managers the utmost in flexibility. The software allows users to consolidate measurement results and statistics from multiple locations at one central lab and to store measurement data at any chosen location via direct Ethernet and LIMS-connection. The software can be accessed through a secure VPN tunnel, allowing true mobile access to instruments from any place at any time.

Download the press release here: News | 2016 | MINIVAP VP Vision Launch Release
Press foto (print free of charge): News | Press Foto | MINIVAP VP Vision
More Information: Product Page MINIVAP VP Vision

September 2015
Grabner Instruments Offers High-Performance, Near
Infrared Analyzers for Laboratory and In-Line Measurements

Product | Small | ParaFuelGrabner Instruments, inventor of and a world leader in vapor pressure testing, has expanded its product offering with the addition of near infrared (NIR) analysis from Light Technology Industries (LTI). Grabner Instruments will market, sell and support LTI NIR process analyzers worldwide. 

Based in Gaithersburg, MD, LTI has been known for 30 years as an innovator in the field of NIR analysis. With an installed base of over 1000 systems, LTI’s products include both in-line process and benchtop analyzers, which complement Grabner’s in-line and laboratory instrumentation for petroleum testing. 

LTI instruments provide solutions throughout the refining process from crude oil to refined fuels.  Its instruments offer rapid, non-destructive measurement of chemical properties and help to reduce laboratory costs, while improving process controls in refineries and chemical plants. In all cases, its ability to quickly measure physical and chemical properties easily, accurately and in a non-destructive manner provides significant value for LTI instrument users.

LTI’s ParaFuel NIR process analyzers are used by national, state and corporate laboratories for octane, pump quality testing and other fuel measurements such as biodiesel content. The analyzer provides real-time in-line analysis of crude oil, blended fuels and components, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene and other petroleum fractions for a wide range of critical properties, including octane, distillation points, Reid vapor pressure and more. It also is available in a benchtop version designed to improve laboratory efficiency.

Download the press release here:  News | 2015| ParaFuel

Press fotos (print free of charge): News | Press Foto | ParaFuel
More Information: Parafuel Product Website

February 2015
New Autosampler for Vapor Pressure Testing

Product | Small | RUN12 AutosamplerAMETEK Grabner Instruments introduces the new RUN12 Autosampler for rapid and continuous vapor pressure testing of up to 12 samples in one run. The Autosampler was developed to achieve the highest sample throughput for gasoline and solvent vapor pressure measurement.

The Autosampler´s corrosion-resistant construction makes it exceptionally fit for testing plain or aggressive samples filled from tubes out of a bottle or from attached syringes. It  includes Grabner´s  innovative Sampling Pro™ technology, a high-quality valve design  that minimizes the risk of cross contamination between different sample types.

Optional tap water cooling allows cool sample transfer for ASTM D5191, D5188 and EN13016 vapor pressure methods. The RUN12 Autosampler is automatically detected when connected to a MINIVAP VPXpert or VPXpert-L vapor pressure tester.

Download the press release here: News | RUN12 Autosampler
Press fotos (print free of charge): News | Press Foto | RUN12 Autosampler

December 2014

Quick and Accurate Distillation - Using Only 6 mL of Sample 

Product | Small | MINIDIS ADXpertAMETEK Grabner Instruments has introduced a new manual filling feature for its MINIDIS ADXpert distillation analyser. When in manual filling mode, only a 6 mL sample needs to be injected directly into the measuring cup before the distillation run is started. 

This new feature is especially helpful for customers who need to measure the boiling curve when only a small sample is available. As an extra benefit, it also is possible to measure sample density while testing in manual mode. The sample cup is weighed before and after filling with a high-resolution balance and fuel density is calculated prior to the test.

AMETEK Grabner Instruments introduced MINIDIS ADXpert distillation unit in 2010 with the objective of enhancing ease of use. The analyzer requires only a 6 mL of sample for a distillation run. It incorporates automatic rinsing, sample introduction and fully automatic cleaning programs to ensure high sample throughput and best available laboratory productivity.

Like the ASTM D86 method, the ADXpert performs a true atmospheric distillation but on a much smaller scale. The versatile compact and portable unit is ideal for labs with little or limited bench space.

Download the press release here: News | 2014 | Quick and Accurate Distillation  
Press foto (print free of charge): News | Press Foto | MINIDIS ADXpert 

November 2014

D7094 Flashpoint Method Accepted for ASTM D7467 Biodiesel Blend Specifications

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCHAMETEK Grabner Instruments’ ASTM D7094 flashpoint method made history in 2013, when ASTM members accepted the method for ASTM Diesel Fuel and Kerosene specifications. Recently, ASTM members expressed their confidence again in the method and voted to include the flashpoint method in ASTM D7467 Biodiesel (B6 to B20) specifications.

A inter-laboratory study in 2013 using AMETEK Grabner Flashpoint testers demonstrated the excellent determination capability of the ASTM D7094 for Diesel and Biodiesel Blends up to a range of 30% Biodiesel (B30). All samples in this study were found to analyze smoothly, and some increase in flashpoint was measured as the biodiesel content in the samples increased. Overall, the testers‘ precision with the Biodiesel Blends was better than the published precision with the original D7094 samples. Hence ASTM members voted to include ASTM D7094 as an alternative method for D7467 Biodiesel Blend (B6-B20) specifications. 

Developed by Grabner Instruments and published in 2004, the ASTM D7094 flashpoint method is a quick and safe way for the determination of flashpoints of fuels, chemicals and hazardous liquids. The method requires just 2 mL sample, which makes flashpoint testing safe and reduces hazardous waste and sample costs. In contrast to classical flashpoint testing the Grabner method does not require an open flame, but detects the flashpoint through the spontaneous pressure increase inside a continuously closed cup.

Download the press release here: News | 2014 | D7094 in D7467 Biodiesel Specs
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto MINIFLASH TOUCH

July 2014
AMETEK Names Werner Mueller Managing Director
For Grabner Instruments and Petrolab

News | Press Foto | Werner Mueller 80pxAMETEK has named Werner Mueller as Managing Director for the Petroleum business unit of AMETEK Oil & Gas. In his new position, Mr. Mueller is responsible for leading the Vienna-based petroleum testing specialist Grabner Instruments and its US-based Petrolab business.

Mr. Mueller brings over 25 years of global business experience to his new position. Prior to joining AMETEK, he held executive sales and management positions with Fluke and Tektronix. Most recently, he was Managing Director, Central Eastern Europe for Angst & Pfister, located in Vienna. 

GRABNER INSTRUMENTS, a subsidiary of AMETEK Inc., is one of the world´s leading developers and manufacturers of automatic petroleum testing equipment. Its success is based on the development of portable, rugged and easy-to-operate fuel and oil analyzers for accurate quality control in the laboratory as well as for fast on-site tests in mobile laboratories.

PETROLAB also is a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. and serves as exclusive distributor of Grabner testing instruments in the United States.

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of 3.6 billion US$.

Download the press release here: News | 2014 | AMETEK names Werner Mueller new MD
Press fotos (print free of charge): News | Press Foto | Werner Mueller

March 2014
US DOT Issus Emergency Order for Transport of Crude Oils
Grabner Instruments MINIVAP VPXpert Meets Need for Reliable Vapor Pressure Testing of Crude Oil

News | Regions | Sub-Sahara AfricaThe US Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued an Emergency Testing Order that requires all shippers to test crude oil from the Bakken region to ensure the proper identification of the crude oil before it is transported by rail. The Emergency Testing Order is in response to a number of recent incidents involving the derailment of trains transporting crude oil from Canada to the United States.

Shippers are required to comply with Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) that include testing of vapor pressure and flashpoint to ensure proper transportation and packing. To meet these regulations, Vienna-based vapor pressure specialist AMETEK Grabner Instruments offers specialized instrumentation to test crude oil vapor pressure.

There has been a steep increase in the number of rail carriages transporting crude oil from Canada to the United States. The oil industry has found that building rail infrastructure for new shale oil and gas fields can be simpler and more flexible than pipelines. However, this increased use of rail transport has resulted in an increase in the number of accidents and has led to greater scrutiny. The estimated cost of the damages from these accidents has topped $1 billion US$ and caused significant environmental damage.

Accident investigations have highlighted the need for more accurate classification of crude oils. Classification has often been based solely on safety data sheets, many of them outdated. As a result of these investigations, US DOT issued several Emergency Testing Orders with the most recent amended version issued on March 6, 2014 and addressed to shippers of petroleum crude. The order specifically requires the flashpoint and boiling point testing of crude oils and endorses the requirement that crude oil shipments follow volatility testing defined by Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR).
In HMR, the testing of crude oil vapor pressure is critical in determining the requirements for safe packing for transport. A boiling over of crude oils can result from a pressure build-up inside a rail carriage. This risk increases significantly if the crude oil includes gaseous components.

When testing crude oil samples, it is of utmost importance that the sample is properly handled to keep the light ends in the crude oil prior to vapor pressure testing. Crude oils may be misclassified if hazardous volatiles are allowed to evaporate prior to sampling. One solution is to ensure that the crude sample is pressurized when delivered to the vapor pressure tester.

AMETEK Grabner Instruments has developed a proven method for effectively testing pressurized crude oils under varying transport conditions. The company offers a package for the safe, air-tight and pressurized transportation of crude oil to the vapor pressure tester. The crude oil with all of its light ends is captured inside a high-quality floating piston cylinder (FPC). Once this cylinder is connected to the MINIVAP VPXpert vapor pressure instrument, testing can begin immediately. This versatile analyzer is able to test vapor pressures at temperatures ranging from 0 to 120°C, and to perform tests at vapor-to-liquid ratios (V/L) ranging from 0.02/1 to 4/1.

The Grabner method of measuring crude oil was standardized in 2003 as ASTM D6377 Standard. Since its introduction, the D6377 method has gained industry wide acceptance and quickly replaced the old manual Reid method ASTM D323. In 2013, the US Environmental Protection Agency approved ASTM D6377 as an alternative method of measuring the vapor pressure of crude oils.

AMETEK Grabner Instruments also offers a process version of its vapor pressure analyzer for online monitoring that operates using the same principle as the laboratory version. The Grabner analyzers provide a method for determining the True Vapor Pressure of crude oils.

Download the press release here: News | 2014 | US DOT Emergency Testing Order for Crude Oils
Press fotos (print free of charge): News | Press Foto | VPXpert Crude Oil

February 2014

AMETEK Grabner Instruments Flashpoint Method Accepted for ASTM Diesel Fuel Specifications

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCHIn December 2013, ASTM cleared the way for the new age in flashpoint testing. ASTM members voted to accept D7094 as a new method for testing diesel, fuel oils and kerosene according to the ASTM specifications D975, D396, D2880 and D3699. The positive impact of the new method on costs, safety and on resolving environmental issues will be impressive.

A quick look at the new method reveals some obvious benefits. D7094 requires only 2 mL of sample. This is a big advantage for laboratory safety and minimizes the amount of hazardous waste. Thermoelectric heating and cooling of a small sample and easy cleaning contribute to an increase in testing throughput and a reduction of laboratory time. The small sample size also reduces costs, especially when expensive samples are tested. 

With the D7094 method, tests are performed through electric discharge in a completely closed cup. No open flame is generated, because the flash point is detected by the pressure increase inside a closed system. The risk of fire and obstructive fumes are eliminated. D7094 testers are small and portable, making them suitable for use in laboratory or directly in the field.

The ASTM decision to include D7094 into diesel fuel specifications was based on the results of the cooperative test program RR:D02-1581. In this inter-laboratory study, the flashpoint of contaminated jet fuels, diesels and lubricating oils was tested with the Grabner Instruments D7094 MINIFLASH testers and D93 Pensky Martens testers.

Contaminated samples were chosen to reflect real world conditions in refineries, terminals and pipelines, because even small amounts of contaminants can have a big impact on the flashpoint of a sample. Results showed equivalency of the methods and even better precision of the new D7094 method.

Oliver Sauer, Head of Marketing & Sales at Grabner Instruments, describes the atmosphere at the December ASTM meeting, immediately before the ASTM committee voted in favor of the new method: “We were impressed by the way ASTM members and our customers were literally pushing our D7094 standard into the specifications. It seemed that this decision was overdue. Many customers already are committed to using a more precise, faster, safer and more economic method in flashpoint testing.”

According to Mr. Sauer, the ASTM decision also may act as tailwind for a move to include D7094 in EN and ISO diesel specifications. “With our flash point method available on the market for several years, our user community is convinced that it is a good and precise method. As the trend to toward global harmonization of chemical regulation continues, along with the results from the ASTM and the industry, we expect the ISO committee will consider adding this method to its own set of specifications. We are ready to provide whatever additional proof of performance is required.”

Grabner Instruments developed the first MINIFLASH flashpoint analyzer in 1992. The new flashpoint method was standardized 1999 as ASTM D6450 method for 1 mL samples, and in 2004 as ASTM D7094 method for 2 mL samples. Grabner Instruments MINIFLASH flashpoint testers are used in laboratories around the world for testing liquid or solid samples in the petrochemical, flavor and fragrance, chemical and/or waste industries.

Download the press release here: English | German
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto MINIFLASH TOUCH

January 2014

Grabner Instruments Enters into Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Spectro South Africa

News | Regions | Sub-Sahara AfricaGrabner Instruments, a global leader in petroleum testing instruments and a pioneer in the development of automatic vapor pressure testers, has entered into an exclusive agreement with SPECTRO South Africa for the distribution of Grabner Instruments in Sub-Sahara Africa. 

SPECTRO South Africa is a subsidiary of SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a world-leading supplier of analytical instruments for optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry.  Grabner Instruments and SPECTRO are both units of AMETEK, Inc.

“We look forward to the opportunities created by our partnership,” notes Marie Julsing, Managing Director of SPECTRO South Africa. “SPECTRO has strong, well-established relationships within the African petroleum and mining industries. Many of our current customers are also Grabner customers. Our partnership with Grabner greatly extends the support we can provide to those customers, who can now benefit from having a one-stop shop for the complete line of Spectro and Grabner analyzers.”

“SPECTRO is an ideal partner for us,” adds Oliver Sauer, Head of Grabner Marketing & Sales. “As units of AMETEK, Inc., we share a common vision of developing innovative, high-quality instruments based on a firm understanding of our customers’ needs and backed up by world-class service and support.”

Located in Kempton Park near Johannesburg, Spectro will act as the sales and support hub for Grabner analyzers throughout Africa.

Download the press release here: Grabner Partners with Spectro ZA
Press fotos (print free of charge): Grabner MINIVAP VPXpert | Spectro Scout

October 2013

US EPA Confirms ASTM D6377 as Alternative Test Method For Measuring Vapour Pressure of Crude Oils

Product | Small | MINIVAP ON-LINE

A new method for measuring the True Vapour Pressure (TVP) of crude oils is spreading quickly within the oil and gas industry. At request of the American Petroleum Institute (API), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently confirmed the use of the ASTM D6377-10 standard as an alternative test method for the determination of the True Vapour Pressure of high VP crude oils. Widely used by the industry, the new method is installed on AMETEK Grabner Instruments vapour pressure testers.

As defined by International Maritime Organization, the True Vapour Pressure (TVP) or bubble point vapour pressure is the equilibrium vapour pressure of a mixture when the vapour/liquid ratio (V/L) is zero. A V/L = 0 can be achieved, if a container is filled to the top with crude oil. This condition is typical for floating roof tanks, where the roof is floating directly on the crude oil.

As clear as this definition seems, a correct interpretation of the TVP term always depends on the specification for which it is used. In refining, the term TVP often is used to reflect the specific conditions of storage or transport. For example, if a truck or a ship is filled 95% with crude oil and only 5% vapour space remains, the vapour pressure at a V/L = 0.053 may be referred to as TVP. In US EPA title 40 regulations, the term TVP is used for a TVP estimate calculated from a D323 Reid Vapour Pressure measurement and the crude oil´s tank stock temperature.

In its letter dated May 28, 2013 and published at, the US EPA acknowledged the broad use of the ASTM D6377-10 standard for VP measurement of crude oils. It confirmed the use of D6377 as an alternative method for TVP measurement of volatile crude oils, as defined under title 40 CFR with the understanding that crude oil samples are delivered pressurized for measurement to prevent evaporation of light ends and that the TVP is measured at a V/L = 4.

ASTM D6377 method is very versatile. It allows measurement of the TVP at various V/L ratios to reflect different tank filling levels. In addition, Grabner analyzers include a method for Bubble Point determination. Sandia National Laboratories has used this Bubble Point / TVP extrapolation method successfully (see Lord & Rudeen, 2010): From three D6377 measurements at different V/L ratios the TVP of crude oil at a V/L = 0 is extrapolated. The extrapolation function assumes that crude oil is composed of three components: very light gas components (e.g. methane or nitrogen), intermediate volatility components (e.g. C2 and higher) and a non-volatile fraction (Lord & Rudeen, 2010).

Grabner analyzers have used the TVP extrapolation method successfully around the world. The method was successfully demonstrated on large number of crude oil samples at the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and similar TVP extrapolation project is currently underway at the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association (CCQTA).

Download the press release here: Press Release | EPA confirms D6377 for TVP
Press fotos (print free of charge): Press Foto | MINIVAP ON-LINE or Press Foto | VPXpert Crude Oil

(1) Lord, David L. & Rudeen, David K [2010]. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Crude Oil Equation of State Model Development – Current Performance Against Measured Data. Research Report, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM & Livermore, CA, 2010

September 2013

MINIVAP VPXpert-L: Pioneering a New Age of Precision in Vapor Pressure Testing

Product | Small | MINIVAP VPXpert

AMETEK Grabner Instruments has extended its vapor pressure tester product portfolio with the launch of a new automatic tester for low-volatility measurements. Grabner developed the MINIVAP VPXpert-L to automate the manual ASTM D2879 Standard Test Method for Vapor Pressure by Isoteniscope used by the chemical industry. The MINIVAP VPXpert-L analyser measures gasoline, jet fuels, solvents and chemicals as well as food, flavor and fragrance products with vastly improved precision. The analyzer is optimized for a pressure range from 0.1 to 100 kPa and shows a measuring repeatability better than 0.1 kPa.

Government regulations mandate the measurement of the vapor pressure of virtually any liquid manufactured, stored or shipped to ensure transportation safety and to protect the environment. The MINIVAP VPXpert-L is the first completely automatic analyzer that accurately tests fuels and chemicals down to 0.1 kPa vapor pressure in a temperature range from 0 to 120°C. The pressure range of this new tester is limited to 100 kPa, which results in an optimized measuring repeatability of less than 0.1 kPa. The instrument requires only 1 mL of sample per test, eliminates the need for vacuum pump and manual filling, and yields results within minutes.

“AMETEK Grabner Instruments is the recognized leader in vapor pressure testing. With its introduction of the MINIVAP VPXpert-L, Grabner paves the way for a new era in vapor pressure testing,” explains Oliver Sauer, Head of Marketing & Sales at AMETEK Grabner Instruments. “In terms of precision, the new instrument is about five times more precise when compared with other testers.”

“With this analyser, we are able to meet two key market requirements. First, we fulfill the demand of the petroleum industry for higher precision in routine gasoline and jet fuel testing. And, we offer a solution for the chemical, flavors and food industries, which have a specific need for low-volatility testing.”

The MINIVAP VPXpert-L includes all standard vapor pressure methods for testing fuels and incorporates new static methods for testing chemical compounds. These new “VOC”-methods measure the absolute vapor pressure based on the static Triple Expansion Method and yield results equivalent to the static ASTM D2879 Isoteniscope method.

While experienced personnel are needed to operate an Isoteniscope, the VPXpert-L is easy to use. When the sample is connected to the instrument, a fully automatic measurement can be started immediately. To prevent composition changes of chemicals during the test, a sample evacuation is not required. Instead, dissolved and entrained air is automatically removed from the measurement result. Cross contamination between low volatile samples is minimized through a clever combination of high-quality Sampling Pro™ valves and automatic rinsing. To ensure proper sample outgassing and to reduce equilibrium time, a sample shaker is installed in every unit.

Download the press release here: Press Release | MINIVAP VPXpert-L
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto | MINIVAP VPXpert-L
For more information on MINIVAP VPXpert vapor pressure testers follow this >>link<<.

October 2012


Grabner 25 years anniversary partyOver the years, AMETEK Grabner Instruments has become universally recognized as the worldwide expert in petroleum testing. And, since 1993, the MINIVAP tester has served as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s reference instrument for highest-precision vapor pressure measurement.

2012 also looks back at the beginning of impressive achievements in petroleum testing, aimed at making fuel analysis portable, faster, safer and more economic for customers. Grabner Instruments developed the MINIFLASH, a revolutionary flashpoint tester. It uses only a minimum sample per test and allows safe and economic flashpoint testing. The company designed the MINISCAN, the first portable FTIR fuel tester to allow affordable fuel analysis directly at the point of sale. It launched the MINIDIS, a versatile atmospheric mini-distillation unit and with the MINIVIS, a small and portable rolling ball viscometer.

After the founder Dr. Grabner passed away, the company became part of AMETEK in 2003. On September 13th 2012, the company celebrated its 25 years anniversary, linking up the past with the future: Mr. Otto Pferschy, Grabner Instruments co-founder and former CEO, and Mr. Daniel Skinner, current Grabner Instruments Managing Director and Vice President of AMETEK Oil & Gas, together cut the birthday cake for Grabner Instruments.
Grabner 25 years anniversary party

Picture from left: Dr. Oliver Sauer, Director of Marketing & Sales, Grabner Instruments;

Daniel Skinner, Managing Director of Grabner Instruments; Vice President AMETEK Oil & Gas Business Unit;
Ing. Otto Pferschy, Co-Founder and former Grabner Instruments CEO

Download the press release here: Grabner Instruments 25 years anniversary release
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto | Grabner 25 years anniversary 

January 2012

Intelligent and Portable Fuel Analysis

Product | Small | MINISCAN IRXpert
Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. has introduced a new portable and highly versatile FTIR spectrometer for the fully automatic measurement of gasoline, diesel and biofuel blends. The MINISCAN IRXpert is the first completely portable FTIR fuel analyzer that combines superior scanning range and resolution with the advantages of mid-IR and near-IR spectroscopy for highest measurement accuracy. More than 40 fuel parameters are automatically analysed. Designed as an intelligent, self-learning analyzer that allows an unlimited number of new fuel parameters to be analysed at the push of a button.

In the 1990s, Dr. Werner Grabner, founder of Vienna-based Grabner Instruments developed the IROX, the first portable FTIR spectrometer to measure the concentration of oxygenates in gasoline by mid-IR. With 20 years of expertise and feedback from customers around the world, the new MINISCAN IRXpert reflects a paradigm shift to a new level of quality in fuel analysis. The instrument houses an unique dual-cell design spectrometer that offers an extended wavelength range from mid-IR to near-IR, superior resolution and the ability to analyze multiple fuels with a single instrument. Maximum measurement stability is guaranteed through a temperature-controlled measuring cell and density meter. Unmatched accuracy is ensured through the combination of information from the mid-IR and the near-IR spectrum. Instead of a few selected areas, the MINISCAN IRXpert analyzes the full spectrum and more than 12,000 data points.

Industries | Automotive_2 96The MINISCAN IRXpert comes fully configured with the ability to test more than 40 important parameters for both laboratory-tested and field-tested fuels. Oxygenates, aromatics, benzene, octane boosters and cetane improvers, and biodiesel content are measured with unprecedented precision. A number of key fuel properties, such as octane and cetane number, vapor pressure and distillation properties are accurately predicted, by utilizing a worldwide sample database and by combining the information from the mid-IR and near-IR spectrum range derived from a high-resolution scan.

Industries | MIning_1 96With the worldwide problem of fuel adulteration, the MINISCAN IRXpert was designed from the beginning with flexibility in mind. An unlimited number of new fuel parameters and samples may be added to the analyzer. Advanced chemometrics automatically create an optimum model for these new parameters. With only a few clicks newly measured samples can be added to the database and a new model created.

Industries | Trucks 96MINISCAN IRXpert is genuinely easy to operate. Menu Navigation is done on a robust 8.4” full-color touch screen. The button size has been optimized for operating the analyzer with the fingers. Spectra can be analyzed, zoomed and compared directly on a high-resolution screen. All sample spectra are stored in the instrument database for convenient review. The instrument features WORKS™ – Worldwide Online Remote Control and Services – and offers LIMS data transfer via Ethernet and USB as well.
Download the press release here: MINISCAN IRXpert Press Release (E)
Download the German Presseaussendung here: MINISCAN IRXpert Presseaussendung (D)
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For more information on MINISCAN IRXpert follow this link: MINISCAN IRXpert Fuel Analyzer

April 2012

New Feature: Vapor Pressure Testing of LPG

Product | Small | MINIVAP VPXpert

Grabner Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. has upgraded its top-selling portable vapor pressure tester - the MINIVAP VPXpert. After extensive testing Grabner Instruments has released a new method to test Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) up to 1000 kPa pressure. The MINIVAP VPXpert tests according to ASTM D6897, the Grabner LPG method, which yields results equivalent to the traditional ASTM D1267 bomb method.

The new LPG method is included with all new analyzers. Existing users of the MINIVAP VPXpert can also upgrade their analyzers for LPG testing free of charge. “In our opinion the MINIVAP VPXpert is the best deal for customers. We are continually improving our analyzers by adding new, thoroughly tested methods and features, to give our customers a competitive edge in terms of costs and ease of use,” explains Dr. Oliver Sauer, Director of Marketing & Sales at Grabner Instruments.

Since its market introduction in 2009, the MINIVAP VPXpert has rapidly become the best-selling vapor pressure analyzer, taking the lead in innovation from its predecessors, the MINIVAP VPS and VPSH. The MINIVAP VPXpert is a fully configured “all-in” analyzer, ready for testing Gasoline (ASTM D6378, D5191), V/L ratio (ASTM D5188), Crude Oil (ASTM D6377) and LPG up to 1000 kPa (ASTM D6897). No expensive software or hardware upgrades are required.

The MINIVAP VPXpert was developed by Grabner Instruments, a pioneer and world leader in vapor pressure testing. Grabner Instruments revolutionized vapor pressure testing in 1987 with the launch of the MINIVAP - the world’s first automatic mini-vapor pressure tester that eliminated operator bias and tiresome sample handling that, up to then, had been associated with vapor pressure testing. Over the years, Grabner Instruments has been universally recognized as the worldwide expert in vapor pressure testing, and since 1993, its MINIVAP has served as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s reference instrument for highest-precision vapor pressure measurement.

Download the press release here: MINIVAP VPXpert LPG Press Release
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto MINIVAP VPXpert

For more information on MINIVAP VPXpert follow this link: MINIVAP VPXpert Vapor Pressure Tester

December 2011
Advances in Flashpoint Testing: Economic Impact

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCH
American Laboratory®, one of the industry´s leading magazines, features economic and environmental advantages of the new Grabner Instruments MINIFLASH TOUCH flashpoint tester in its November/December 2011 edition.

Read the article here (Link): American Laboratory
or download the PDF here: Article | Flashpoint | American Laboratory 11/2011
December 2011
New Cost Savings Calculator for On-Line Vapor Pressure

Product | Small | MINIVAP ON-LINECalculate a cost savings business case for a new On-Line Vapor Pressure Analyzer.
Click here for the On-Line Calculator ...
October 2011

Trailblazer for the New Age in Flashpoint Testing

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCHGrabner Instruments MINIFLASH TOUCH is a uniquely designed portable flashpoint tester that uses the Grabner continuously closed cup method to determine the flash point of petroleum products, liquids and solids. It combines all of the field-proven advantages of the MINIFLASH tester line with a new full color touch screen design.

The MINIFLASH method offers the highest repeatability and reproducibility, an excellent and ASTM proven correlation*) to the D93 Pensky-Martens method and delivers results equivalent to other well known closed cup standards. Typical applications include the fast screening of diesel and jet fuels, the flash-point testing of potentially flammable goods, pharmaceuticals, aroma products, paints, varnishes, engine and lubricating oils, and determining the composition of solid wastes and unknown mixtures of liquid hydrocarbons. The unit’s compact size and rugged housing make it the perfect solution for mobile labs and for military and other demanding applications.

Products | Flashpoint | Ignition Protection TechnologyIgnition Protection Technology™ for safest flash point testing
Ignition Protection Technology™ is intrinsic to the MINIFLASH design. Only 1-2 ml of sample are required for testing the flashpoint - without an open flame! The continuously closed cup design, automatic explosion probing and a controlled air feed protect against fire and offensive fumes – for unmatched safety in flashpoint testing.

Products | Flashpoint | Peltier Protection TechnologyPeltier Protection Technology™ for excellent thermoelectric performance
For a quick sample turnaround and extended instrument life time Grabner Instruments developed Peltier Protection Technology™, an advanced and fast thermoelectric regulation of heating and cooling. This technology permits to extend the measuring temperature to well above 400°C and optimizes Peltier performance and lifetime.

Products | Flashpoint | Combustion AnalysisCombustion Analysis™ for Contamination Analysis and R&D applications
MINIFLASH TOUCH is the first analyzer to visualize the presence of contaminations and small concentrations of flammable compounds in samples by Combustion Analysis™. This advanced graphical analysis gives users the opportunity to follow every millisecond of the flash combustion in unprecedented detail. As such MINIFLASH TOUCH is used for flashpoint testing of contaminated samples, biodiesel fuels and for other difficult applications.
Download the press release here: MINIFLASH TOUCH Press Release (E)
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto MINIFLASH TOUCH
For more information on MINIFLASH TOUCH follow this link: MINIFLASH TOUCH Flashpoint Tester 

*) ASTM Statement on the Grabner Instruments ASTM D7094 standard versus ASTM D93A: “There is no statistically significant bias observed between ASTM D7094 and ASTM D93 Procedure A.”

May 2011

TP equips Mobile Lab with Grabner Analyzers

News | TP | Inside 6 Large

Turkish Petroleum Oil Distribution Company (TPPD) relies on a Mobile Fuel Laboratory equipped with Grabner Instruments Analyzers (IROX 2000, IROX Diesel, MINIVAP VPXpert, MINIFLASH FLP, MINIVIS 445, plus an Aquamax titrator and an ASOMA Phoenix II sulfur analyzer) for accurate and fast fuel quality control.

News | TP | Interview 2 LargeDuring the Petroleum Istanbul fair in April 2011, Gasoline and Diesel properties as well as Octane and Cetane rating were tested live and in front of running TV cameras!

Results were on the spot, with TPPD officials stating that "the reliable and good quality of our products is thus evident."

Turkish Petroleum uses the Mobile Lab for frequent inspections at gas stations, to assure quality conformance of fuels. According to TPPD, quality assurance is an expressly voiced request from both, customers and gas dealers. The Mobile Fuel Lab enables TPPD to check the finest contamination levels in fuels. For TPPD this is a very important and useful application, as it can be done on-site and immediately. For more information on the TP Mobile Laboratory follow this link: TP Mobile Laboratory (in Turkish)

See some pictures of the equipped Mobile Laboratory (click on "Download" for large image view):

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January 2011

MINIFLASH TOUCH - New Portable Flashpoint Tester Launched

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCH
is the latest addition to the GRABNER INSTRUMENTS line of portable flashpoint testers and combines all of the field-proven advantages of the MINIFLASH tester line with a new colorful touch screen design.

The MINIFLASH TOUCH’s large color screen runs on Microsoft® Windows® software and features an intuitive menu navigation that requires no training for flashpoint testing. Along with its convenient touch screen design, the MINIFLASH TOUCH offers an extended temperature range from 0 to 400°C, hassle-free communication with USB, Ethernet, LIMS and PCs, user access control, new flashpoint methods and nearly unlimited storage capacity for programs and results.

One Flash Point Tester for all Applications

Product | Small | MINIFLASH Touch Principle
MINIFLASH flash point testers work according to ASTM D6450 and D7094, which give results equivalent to the Pensky Martens ASTM D93*) / EN ISO 2719 and Abel and Tag closed cup methods. The new MINIFLASH TOUCH analyzer features new methods for simulation of EN ISO 3679 and EN ISO 3680 for testing hazardous goods according to transport regulations. MINIFLASH TOUCH facilitates controlling of the parameters heat rate, ignition energy and amount of atmospheric oxygen present in the combustion chamber, through which advanced users can simulate almost any flashpoint method within varying environmental conditions. The new model allows testing at an extended temperature range from 0-400°C and further adds to easy cleaning by introducing a new automatic ignition cleaning method.

Plug & Play

Product | Small | MINIFLASH Touch PressureMINIFLASH TOUCH’s large color touch-screen runs in a Microsoft® Windows® environment. This enables easy networking and data transfer, allows seamless LIMS integration via LAN and full remote operation of the analyzer. Further highlights of the flash point tester are USB data transfer and printer support, intuitive menu navigation and a vast method and data storage. The unique flash point combustion graphics give users the opportunity to follow every millisecond of the flash combustion in unprecedented detail.

al with Safety in a Safe Way

Grabner Instruments portable MINIFLASH testers are known for maximum safety, accuracy, speed and ease of use in testing flashpoints of liquids and solids.The extremely versatile analyzers are worldwide standard testers for the petrochemical and flavors and fragrances industry, are widely used for testing compliance with transport regulations and are approved testers for NATO and NAVY for military use. All MINIFLASH analyzers house the safety standard: The Grabner Instruments flash detection method, measuring the instantaneous pressure increase of only 1-2 ml sample inside a continuously closed chamber at flashpoint temperature, eliminating the need of testing with an open flame. The fast thermoelectric cooling after the test saves expensive labor time and is optimized to guarantee best life time of temperature control. MINIFLASH models are available for single tests or with an 8-position autosampler for continuous flashpoint testing.

Download the press release here: MINIFLASH TOUCH  Press Release (E)
Deutschsprachige Presseaussendung: MINIFLASH TOUCH  Press Release (D)
Press foto (print free of charge): Press Foto MINIFLASH TOUCH
For more information on MINIFLASH TOUCH follow this link: MINIFLASH TOUCH Flashpoint Tester 

*) ASTM Statement on the Grabner Instruments ASTM D7094 standard versus ASTM D93A: “There is no statistically significant bias observed between ASTM D7094 and ASTM D93 Procedure A.”

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