RUN12 Autosampler for MINIVAP VPXpert

Fast and continuous vapor pressure testing

The RUN12 Autosampler allows rapid and continuous vapor pressure testing of up to 12 samples in one run. It was developed to achieve the highest sample throughput for gasoline and solvent vapor pressure measurement.

The Autosampler´s corrosion-resistant construction makes it exceptionally fit for testing plain or aggressive samples filled from tubes out of a bottle or from attached syringes. It includes Grabner´s innovative Sampling Pro™ technology, a high-quality valve design that minimizes the risk of cross contamination between different sample types.

Optional tap water cooling allows cool sample transfer for ASTM D5191, D5188 and EN13016 vapor pressure methods. The RUN12 Autosampler is automatically detected when connected to a MINIVAP VPXpert or VPXpert-L vapor pressure tester.

  • Specifications +


    • 12 position autosampler for rapid and continuous sample testing of up to 12 samples in one run
    • Corrosion resistant construction: Wetted parts are made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum or PTFE
    • Viscosity range: 0 - 250 mPas at filling temperature
    • Filling: via tubing or glass vials
    • Interfaces: I²C, USB
    • Environmental Conditions: 0 to 50°C
    • Power Supply: 12V, 2.5 A
    • Dimensions: 197x140x211 mm
    • Net Weight: 4.5 kg


    • Sampling Pro™ Valve Technology designed to minimize cross contamination
    • Facilities for automatic tap water cooling
    • Filters to prevent contamination
    • LED status indicator

    Continuous product development may make it necessary to change product specifications without notice.

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