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Mobile Fuel Laboratories

Total Quality Control on the MoveProduct | Small | Mobile Lab

The MOBILE FUEL LAB is the ideal solution for fast and precise fuel quality checks in the field. Equipped with the portable, rugged and fully automated analyzers of Grabner Instruments, a detailed fuel analysis can be performed in less than 30 minutes by a single person directly on-site.

The GRABNER INSTRUMENTS Mobile Fuel Lab has the flexibility to be built and equipped according to individual requirements: the type of vehicle can be chosen, air-condition, ventilation system, auxiliary heating, sink with fresh and/or distilled water, vessel dryer, anti-skid flooring, fire extinguishers and certainly a large selection of on-board fuel testing analyzers (various brands are available) can be installed to comply with your individual needs.

Product | Medium | Mobile Lab Shock AbsorberAll instruments are securely mounted on specially designed shock absorbers to avoid damage during driving. Specially designed lab desks and lockers provide optimal work space and storage of samples and chemicals. The on board electric transformer supplies power to the instruments and devices from 2 sources: chargeable 12V batteries and external and internal 240V. Containers for waste and fresh/distillate water supply are easily accessible through the back doors.

A PC-network and a specially designed software program link all the instruments via the serial communication ports for data storage and print out. Additionally available options are a flat screen, a laser printer and a GPS navigation system.

Below is a typical example of the instrumentation of a Mobile Fuel Lab with a selection of the fully automatic, rugged and portable GRABNER INSTRUMENTS testers. There also is a large selection of other types and brands of instruments available on request!

Product | Small | MINIVAP VP Vision
Vapor Pressure of Gasoline,
Crude Oil and LPG

Product | Small | MINIFLASH TOUCH
ASTM D6450 & D7094 Flash Point Tester

Product | Small | MINISCAN IRXpert
MINISCAN IRXpert Fuel Analyzer
Portable FTIR-Fuel Analysis

Product | Small | MINIDIS ADXpert
Atmospheric Mini-Distillation

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