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To provide Best-In-Class Analyzers for Environmental Testing has been one of our major concerns since the very beginning, when GRABNER INSTRUMENTS was designing test equipment for environmental and water analysis. Consequently all our analyzers produce only minimum waste, which resulted in the development of EPA standardized vapor pressure testers and flashpoint testers using only 1mL of sample.

Vapor Pressure Tester
Vapor Pressure for testing compliance of Gasoline, Crude Oil and LPG with volatility regulations and for air pollution control according to ASTM D6378, D6377, D6897, D5191, D5188, D4953, D323, D1267, EN 13016, IP 394, IP 409, etc. Vapor Pressure versus temperature behaviour at various liquid ratios (ASTM D5188). EPA and CARB reference analyzer, Laboratory and Process Analyzers available.

Flash Point Testers
Flashpoint Determination for compliance testing of petrochemical products, solvents, paints and chemicals, pharmaceutical and other waste, used oil and oily waste water for safe disposal. Approved by RCRA.

Fuel Analyzers
Fuel quality analysis for compliance testing with volatility requirements. The portable equipment and the small sample volume allows quality checks directly at the point of sale. Assessment of fuel contamination or adulteration, compliance check on Oxygen, Benzene, MMT, Ethanol and FAME. Key fuel properties such as Octane Number, Octane Boosters, Oxygenates, Aromatics, Cetane Number, Cetane Improver, Density, Distillation and Vapor Pressure are analysed within minutes.