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Laboratory Inspection

We offer a complete line of analyzers for laboratory conformance inspection of flavors, fragrances, food, petrochemicals and chemicals, biofuels, plastics, adhesives, paints and varnishes according to ASTM, ISO, EN, IP, DIN, GOST, JIS, BS and SH testing procedures. Our testers are used in governmental agencies and accredited laboratories worldwide.

Vapor Pressure Tester
Vapor Pressure Test for compliance with ADR, hazardous goods transportation regulations and Material Safety Data Sheets. Vapor Pressure versus temperature behavior at various liquid ratios. Laboratory and Process Analyzers available.

Flash Point Testers
Flashpoint Determination of petrochemicals, lube and used oils, solvents, paints and chemicals for compliance testing with transport regulations and for product specification. Approved by US D.O.T. and RCRA, worldwide market leader for the flavors and fragrances industry. Excellent correlation to ASTM D93, D56, ISO 2719, ISO 3679 and ISO 3680.

Fuel Analyzers
Fast and comprehensive analysis on fuel quality. Key fuel properties such as Octane Number, Octane Boosters, MMT, Benzene, Oxygenates, Aromatics, Cetane Number, Cetane Improver, Density, Distillation and Vapor Pressure are analyzed within minutes. Compliance with Oxygen and Benzene limits and assessment of fuel contamination or adulteration.


Mobile Labs
Because of their small size our analyzers can easily be fitted into a Mobile Laboratory. Thus it is possible to make quality inspection directly on site.