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Lubricants & Greases

Please see below our product line for testing minimum flashpoint and viscosity of lube oils, fuel dilution in used oil, total water in oils or fat flow properties in greases.

Flash Point Testers
Flashpoint Determination of lubricating oils and used oils for quality control, compliance testing with transport regulations and for product specification. Fuel Dilution Measurement for Used Oil in Ships and Heavy Duty Machinery, also used for leak detection in lubricated bearings. 8-position sampler MINIFLASH FLAH for used oil laboratories testing more than 20,000 samples per year. Approved by US D.O.T. and RCRA, excellent correlation to ASTM D93, D56, ISO 2719, ISO 3679 and ISO 3680.

Grease Tester
Flow Properties Tester for quality control for production and purchasing departments.

Real time monitoring of lubrication oil properties, identification of product grades and switchover points. In-Line monitoring of your process for key properties provides optimum process Control.