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Fuel Adulteration and Fuel Contamination is a widespread problem in the construction and in the mining business. Determining oil quality and diesel dilution in lubricating oils is also very important, as it might have severe effects on expensive machinery.

Analysing Fuels & Lubricants is important for Construction and Mining ...
... because a huge number of million-dollar machineries including trucks, lorries, excavators and power
    generation units is used.
... because much money is paid for daily used fuels and lubricants.
... because quality control of Diesel Fuel is important, because the value depends on the quality of the fuel
    according to required specifications and fuel which is not within specifications is rejected.
... to ensured that a correct fresh lubricant is used when oil is refilled.
... to ensure that used oil is still within specifications, to prevent damage done to the machinery.
... to monitor oil for a predictive maintenance program for the machines.

GRABNER INSTRUMENTS offers a range of testers for quality control on fuels and used oils.

Flash Point Testers
Portable Fuel Dilution Measurement for Heavy Duty Machinery, to check on fuel contamination in oil. Flashpoint Determination of lubricating oils and used oils for quality control. CATERPILLAR is using the MINIFLASH.

DIESEL analyzer
Portable and comprehensive quality analysis on Diesel components and properties. Used for contamination and adulteration detection in Diesel. Key fuel parameters such as Cetane Number, Cetane Index, Cetane Improver, Density, Aromatics, Distillation Properties and Biodiesel Content are checked within minutes.