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MINIWIN Software

MINIWIN for Flashpoint Testing (FLP/H/L, FLA/H)

  • All the information: at one glance.
    Samples in carousel, current sample and results.
  • No chance for confusion
    Read and change samples identification.
    Already measured or still pending? Now it's clear.
    And pending means that you can not overwrite by accident.
  • Continuous operation
    See how a flashpoint determination goes along.
    In the meantime: look for free places on the carousel,
    add new samples and transfer results.
  • The latest results: Ready for inspection. One click away from your PC.

MINIWIN for Distillation Testing (ADXpert)

  • MINIWIN allows for full access of distillation data and a graphic display.

  • Download MiniWin +

    Download | MINIWIN 2.0
    Manual | Operation | MINIWIN

    Please download the operation manual prior to installation. 

    After Download start "Setup":
    Setup will detect whether your computer runs a 32- or 64-bit environment and install the correct version of MINIWIN.

    .NET Installation
    To use the full functionality of MINIWIN please install Microsoft® .NET and SQL Server Compact Runtime. If not available, download .Net and SQL Runtime from the Microsoft® website. 

    Microsoft® .NET framework 3.5 SP1:

    Microsoft® SQL Server Compact 3.5:
    Download: SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi

    In MINIWIN the .Net Framework allows additional features for evaluation of IROX 2000 results.