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MINIWIN Software for Distillation Testing

MINIWIN for Flashpoint Testing

All the information: at one glance.
Samples in carousel, current sample and results.

No chance for confusion
Read and change samples identification.
Already measured or still pending? Now it's clear.
And pending means that you can not overwrite by accident.

Continuous operation
See how a flashpoint determination goes along.
In the meantime: look for free places on the carousel,
add new samples and transfer results.

The latest results: ready for inspection. One click away from your PC.

  • MiniWin Distillation +

    MINIWIN for Distillation

    MINIWIN allows for full access of distillation data and a graphic display.

  • Download MiniWin +

    Download MINIWIN 2.0
    Service | MiniWin 2.0
    Manual | Operation | MINIWIN

    Please download the operation manual prior to installation. 

    After Download start "Setup":
    Setup will detect whether your computer runs a 32- or 64-bit environment and install the correct version of MINIWIN.

    .NET Installation
    To use the full functionality of MINIWIN please install Microsoft® .NET and SQL Server Compact Runtime. If not available, download .Net and SQL Runtime from the Microsoft® website. 

    Microsoft® .NET framework 3.5 SP1:

    Microsoft® SQL Server Compact 3.5:
    Download: SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi

    In MINIWIN the .Net Framework allows additional features for evaluation of IROX 2000 results.