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MINIFLASH - The Safety Standard in Flashpoint Testing

The MINIFLASH is a uniquely designed flash point tester for the determination of flashpoints of liquids and solids, using the GRABNER INSTRUMENTS flash point detection method of measuring the instantaneous pressure increase inside the continuously closed chamber due to a hot flame. The MINIFLASH flashpoint analyzer series is a new approach to flash point testing. It revolutionizes traditional methods, when it comes to safety, sample volume, speed and instrument size.



    The flash point tester MINIFLASH FP Vision determines flash point according to ASTM D6450 and ASTM D7094. Results are rated equivalent to Pensky Martens and are in excellent correlation to ASTM D56, ISO 13736, and IP 170. Part of Grabner Instruments Vision analyzer line, MINIFLASH FP Vision combines full-colour touchscreen design with hassle-free communication via USB, Ethernet, LIMS and PC software COCKPIT. 

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  • MiniFlash FPA Vision Autosampler


    MINIFLASH FPA Vision 12-position Autosampler for use with MINIFLASH FP Vision Flashpoint Analyzers.

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