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MiniFlash FPA Vision Autosampler

12-position Autosampler for use with MINIFLASH FP Vision Flashpoint Analyzers

The MINIFLASH FPA Vision Autosampler is the latest addition to the Vision-series product line, an automated accessory specifically developed for use with the MINIFLASH FP Vision analyzer. (Photo shows FP Vision and Autosampler). The modular design offers the flexibility to expand with an autosampler anytime. MINIFLASH FPA Vision autosampler can be used interchangeably with all FP Vision Series analyzers.

The MINIFLASH FPA Vision comes equipped with cabinet cooling capabilities, allowing users to connect an external liquid cooling line. Once connected, the sample cabinet temperature can be controlled, ensuring that the samples are not exposed to elevated operational temperatures. Additionally, the MINIFLASH FPA Vision provides a sample position increase of 50%, which in turn means less-frequent carousel changes and longer uninterrupted runtimes. This ultimately leads to more samples processed per day without a need for more resources, offering more profitability.

With a benchtop footprint of only ~1.9 ft² (.18 m²), the FPA Vision maintains a “mini” status. Its industrial-grade coatings, electronics, motors, and hardware provide a robust design that is perfect for severe work environments in busy laboratories.

Key Benefits

Increased Sample Throughput
• A sample position increase of 50% results in less-frequent carousel changes and longer, uninterrupted runtimes. This resource efficiency translates into increased profitability from FP-Vision analyzers as daily sample-throughput can be significantly increased while reducing cost of operation.

Cockpit PC Software™
• When combined with the Industry 4.0-ready FP Vision analyzer, the FPA autosampler joins the Vision platform and integrates with enterprise level networks via Cockpit PC Software. This allows autosampler measurement play lists and results to be transferred instantly between locations. The Cockpit PC Software can organize the data from a global network of Vision-series analyzers on any enterprise server, allowing access anytime from anywhere.

Flexibility and Reliability
• When connecting either FP Vision or FPH Vision, a single autosampler is transformed into a high or low temperature flashpoint laboratory. FPA’s modular design practically eliminates downtime during scheduled maintenance or service by attaching a spare or rental FP(H)Vision. By separating the analyzer and autosampler, each component may be moved or shipped with ease.