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Vapor Pressure

MINIVAP - The Worldwide Standard Vapor Pressure Tester

The MINIVAP laboratory and process vapor pressure analyzers are the worldwide accepted standard instruments for the determination of the vapor pressure of gasoline, crude oil and LPG.
  • MiniVap VP/VPL Vision


    MINIVAP VP Vision is a highly versatile portable vapor pressure tester that features best-in-class precision and a pressure range of 0-2000 kPa (290 psi). The instrument is designed as a multi-purpose analyzer and measures regular gasolines, jet fuels and crude oils, high pressure LPG or low volatility chemicals.

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  • Crude Oil Package for Vapor Pressure


    GRABNER INSTRUMENTS' complete package for the vapor pressure measurement of crude oil according to ASTM D 6377 (Expansion Method).

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  • MiniVap On-Line RVP Analyzer


    MINIVAP ON-LINE is a unique process vapor pressure analyzer measuring according to the worldwide standard measuring priciple of the MINIVAP VPS. It combines in a single analyser the measurement of the vapor pressure of gasoline (ASTM D 6378), crude oil (ASTM D 6377), LPG and the vapor-liquid ratio (LVR) of gasoline of up to 2 different sample streams.

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