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Crude Oil Package for Vapor Pressure

The Official Standard Method for Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil

The GRABNER INSTRUMENTS' Crude Oil Package is a comprehensive solution for the transport and measurement of the vapor pressure of crude oil according to ASTM D6377 (Expansion Method). The unique Floating Piston Cylinder allows safe sample transfer of “live crude oils” according to ASTM D3700 and eliminates the risk of evaporation of light hydrocarbon ends during transport. The Grabner Instruments crude oil package is also strictly in accordance with the Russian standard GOST 52340.

The unique Floating Piston Cylinder (FPC250) was designed in cooperation with Norwegian offshore personnel specifically for ASTM D6377. A mechanical stirrer is included to ensure uniform samples. No valve stems or handles protrude from the cylinder, reducing hazards. The FPC250 fully complies with ASTM D3700, D6377 and GOST R52340 methods.

Easy to Use
Attach the FPC to the sample source and flush it either manually or purge it with a continuous bypass stream of the sample. Then collect a representative sample and seal it inside the cylinder.

Manual Filling for ASTM D3700
The handle of the mechanical stirrer extends from the air-inlet side and contains a compact pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of the crude oil inside the cylinder. The mechanical stirrer also enables manual positioning, making a back-pressure source in field unnecessary. When the piston is in forward position, the filling of the FPC 250 automatically creates a back pressure of approximately 150 psi of air, which is suitable and sufficient for numerous sampling conditions.

Safety First
Two valves with spring-loaded packing are built-in on the inlet side, together with a built-in rupture disc, for safety. Another valve with a Swagelok® Quick-Connector is attached to the cylinder’s air or nitrogen inlet. All valves can readily be locked from unintentional opening during transport or storage.

Available Packages

Crude Oil Package
for MINIVAP VP Vision (up to 2000 kPa inlet pressure)

1) Floating Piston Cylinder (FPC250)
2) Stainless Steel Filling Tube
3) Quick Connector Nut
NO pressure regulator required!


1) Pressure Regulator
2) Floating Piston Cylinder (FPC250)
3) Tubes: Stainless Steel and PTFE filling tube, Calibration Tube
4) Special Coupling for crude oil filling tubes
5) Spare filters for FPC

Pipeline Package
for high pressures (2000 - 7000 kPa) for MINIVAP VP Vision

1) Pressure Regulator
2) Floating Piston Cylinder (FPC250)
3) Stainless Steel Filling Tube
4) Quick Connector Nut


Both MINIVAP VP Vision and VPXpert use an integrated shaker to shake the sample inside the measuring cell, reducing the equilibrium time significantly.

MINIVAP testers are compact, portable, fully automatic and extremely versatile instruments for the automatic determination of the vapor pressure behavior of gasoline and gasoline oxygenated blends, live and dead crude oil, solvents and other chemical compounds. MINIVAP analyzers are stand-alone units that do not require any accessories. The piston based design for automatic sample introduction and volume expansion of the measuring cell makes an expensive and bulky vacuum pump unnecessary.

The Grabner measuring principle in combination with the modern standards ASTM D6377 (for Crude Oil) and ASTM D6378 (for Gasoline) avoids tedious sample chilling and air saturation. This new technology significantly increases refinery profits: it reduces expensive labor time, eliminates operator bias and has considerably improved test precision that offers the advantage to blend closer to the limits and avoid product give-away.

MINIVAP is the world wide standard instrument that is used by all major refineries, oil and pipeline companies, independent laboratories and car manufacturers. The US-EPA declared MINIVAP as the official reference instrument for the USA.